ceramika siwa w przedpokoju

Original handicraft from Poland in a modern interior design

How to obtain an interesting effects of interior design using handicrafts? Grey pottery, Lowicz paper cutouts, decorative fabric (tapestry) and wickerworks in the interior design?

wyroby z drewna

Wooden products – beautiful, practical, perfect for a gift

Wooden products handmade with a rare technique of “hollowing” – wooden bowls and household items – can be a beautiful home decoration or present.

Baltic amber

Amber – the gold of the North – now in our offer

Baltic amber – see what beautiful and original handmade amber products we recommend for company and private gifts.

koniakow lace

Handmade crochet serviettes and tablecloths

Handmade crochet tablecloths, Koniakow laces – how to use them in modern interiors? Check the inspirations of My Poland handicrafts store

Colorful crochet dresses – for baptism and other occasions

Did you know that formerly in Polish tradition baptism layettes were not white, but colorful – blue or pink? Interesting? Find out more.

Easter decorations – for individuals and for company gifts

Are you looking for decorations for Easter? We recommend original Polish handicrafts offered by the My Poland handicraft store

Kashubian designs – handicraft reflecting the beauty of nature

Kashubian patterns delight with the beauty of colors and precision of workmanship. What is the history of Kashubian embroidery and its most characteristic motives?

Handmade Polish Christmas balls – perfect Christmas gifts

Handmade Polish Christmas balls – recommended as corporate gifts and Christmas gifts from Poland

Gifts from Poland – folk cutouts, folk ceramics

What to take as a gift from Poland for a foreigner? Original and beautiful products from our handicraft shop – folk cutouts and folk ceramics would be perfect

Designed jewelry, crochet dresses, Polish embroidery

Summer is beginning. This is the season of weddings, baptisms and holiday rest. Among the My Poland’s products, we recommend especially for this summer time original jewelry decorated with tissue paper flowers, handmade crochet dresses and accessories for children, embroidered shawls and scarves from Lowicz and other Polish embroidery.

Easter eggs and Koniakow laces – Easter inspirations

Easter, although short, brings much joy. How to decorate a home, how to perepare a traditional Easter Basket? Which products of Polish handicrafts are particularly recommended during this period?

Are you affraid? No! Take a snuff.

Where did the custom of snuff taking come from and in which Polish region a snuff still plays an important, symbolic role?

Designed jewellery inspired by tradition

Paper jewellery is nothing new, as carton dahlias by Chanel paved the way. Our new collection Her by Misztela uses traditionally made crepe flowers. Check-out the inspirations prepared by the designer Joanna Misztela and the beauty session promoting the collection (Fot. Jaromir Wróblewski, model: Galina Lazhechnikava, make up: Koleta Gabrysiak, hair: Patryk Nadolny).

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Folk ceramics – from antiquity to modernity.

Grey pottery and Kashubian ceramics are interesting examples of Polish folk ceramics, that has a many centuries tradition in Poland.

Personalized gift – perfect for Christmas.

In the era of mass consumption, personalized gifts are gaining more and more popularity.

The 100th anniversary of regaining independence

What do decorative fabrics, Bobowa lace and Opole Easter eggs have to do with independence regaining anniversary?

Lowicz handicraft – the most popular abroad

We encourage you to look for inspiration how beautiful and well-known Polish Lowicz handicraft can revive and cheer up your everyday life.

Kashubian embroidery inspired by the beauty of nature.

Kashubian embroidery most often decorates everyday objects. See how this beautiful handicraft can revive your home.


Lowicz cutout



Nowhere, apart from Poland, the variety of paper cutouts is so large. 

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Polish Ceramics



Polish grey ceramics can be traced back to 1300 – 500 B.C.

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przedpokoj ozdobiony wycinanka lowicka

The entrance hall – how to decorate it?

przedpokoj ozdobiony wycinanka lowicka

We all know what is the power of first impression. In the apartment the first impression you got from the first room you enter – the entrance hall. It is a pity, the entrance hall  is often underestimated. In my opinion it is impossible to overestimate the importance of this place.

When we take care to welcome our guests with the spacious interior, bright and cheerful, the pleasure of staying at our home will accompany them from the very first moment. We can achieve such an effect by putting strong colorful decorative accents in the hallway.

Lowicz cutouts perfectly fit into this trend. You can create a colorful mosaic with a few smaller cutouts, or draw the attention using a large color pattern. The intensive Lowicz pattern is particularly well suited to modern and ascetic interiors. One strong color accent is enough to achieve a unique style.


The most beautiful Lowicz cutouts can be found in MyPoland online shop: http://mypoland.com.pl/en/30-lowicz-region-paper-cutouts

Inspirations prepared by Anna Biernat, Proste Kąty (Simple Angles): https://www.facebook.com/ProsteKatyWizualizacjeProjektowanie/



Wooden household items at home decoration

Wood has been used in the interior design for ever. It has been both basic construction material and the material used in furniture design. Today wood is still applied as a basic furniture material but also is used for accessories and panelling.

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Revue Économique wrote an article about the craft culture in Poland. As you know, it has a centuries-old tradition. The extraordinary richness of our products, which thanks to the diversity of regions and the penetration of many cultures, often gained interesting, original forms, unparalleled in other countries of this part of Europe, are an inspiration not only for our compatriots Read more

Snuffboxes – a master handicraft from Kashubia

Horn snuff-box had a symbolic meaning in the Kashubian region. Young boys used wooden or clay ones. Horn snuff-box was a gift from their father on the day of their wedding, on the day of founding their own family. Read more


“Głos Mordoru” (“The Mordor Voice “) – an internal magazine of corporations based in the vicinity of Domaniewska street, published an interview with the founder of My Poland – Irena Bieguńska.

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Root weaving

Weaving is the only brand of folk craft that is not subject to regionalisation: it is present in every region of Poland (although it is quite rare in the mountain regions). Vessels woven with the roots of pine and juniper, typical of the Kashubian region, are so dense and tight that they can be used to carry water. Water jugs made of roots used to be firefighters’ buckets.

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Kashubian ceramics – X – generation tradition

Pottery is one of the earliest craft forms, and most closely connected with land. Potters were learning their art for a few years: they learnt to find the right type of clay, keep the proper temperature in the kiln, understand the effect of fire. Pottery was developing fast in Poland. Gradually, so called grey ceramics was giving way to glazed pottery. Kashubian pottery represents the latter type. In the past, pottery production was a common art, today there are few workshops preserving traditional regional methods of production. Read more

Kashubian embroidery – symbolism and history

Kashubian embroidery is inspired by the beauty of nature. Flower motives are the most characteristic: pansies, cornflower, blue-bells, carnations, lillies, forget-me-nots and roses. They are presented with unusual precision and attention to detail. Read more

Decorated eggs

Opole painted Easter egg, referred to as “kroszonka” in Polish is hand decorated with application of method based on hand-engraving of decorating motifs on previously one-coloured eggshell. Decorated eggs used to be an Easter gift, which expressed fondness, or even love.

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Masters’ workshops

Our passion is visiting masters’ workshops. We are in one of the rare workshops of wooden household items. They are hand made in accordance with traditional, today rarely applied, technology – so called method of ”hollowing”, with usage of simply tools.

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Grey pottery

Grey pottery – the Pearl of the East Region – is the most unique and has the oldest traditions in Poland. It has stood the test of time exclusively in the east of Poland. Pottery workshops cultivate the XVIII th century traditions using the same adornments and pot shapes in accordance with the tradition passed on to the consecutive potters’ generations.


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Decorated eggs

Opole painted Easter egg, referred to as “kroszonka” in Polish is hand decorated with application of method based on hand-engraving of decorating motifs on previously one-coloured eggshell. Decorated eggs used to be an Easter gift, which expressed fondness, or even love.



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Paper cutouts in a modern interior

Paper cutouts are undoubtedly fashionable. They have been inspiring artists, designers and interior designers for several years now. Their beauty and astonishing compositions have become a part of so called ethno-design. See the inspirations prepared by interior designer: Magdalena Gackowska.

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Inspiracje Joanna Misztela

Handicraft in fashion

Popularity of lace resulted in the interest of fashion world in collars. But more demanding Customers look for more refine accessories different than machine-made or even crochet-made ones. See the inspirations prepared by fashion designer: Joanna Misztela.

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ozdobny kołnierzyk eleganckim dodatkiem ręcznie robionym

Fancy collars – fashion that returns

Collar is a luxury product…

It plays a role of an elegant accessory, but if we tame it, a collar will suit perfectly well popular, simple clothes. A collar is tiptop for a big event as well as for a walk.

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The elegance of the embroidery

Makow embroidery is one of the most elegant from all Polish embroidery patterns characterized by classical beauty, simplicity and extraordinary subtlety. See the inspirations of the interior designer to find out how it can be applied in today’s interiors.

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Decorative fabric

Double-warped weaving is one one of the most interesting traditions, that has stood the test of time only in afew weaving centers all over the world. Today, decorative fabrics manufactured on XIX-centuary old looms will pose original and exceptional decoration of your home. See inspirations prepared by the interior architect.

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The prestigious Dutch magazine SEASONS described the Christmas collection offered by My Poland online store and inspired by Polish folk art. The editorial dedicated to the Polish tradition of Christmas decorations appeared in the best seller Christmas edition of the magazine. It is an important promotion for Polish handicraft.

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„Siwaki” (Grey Pottery)

Grey ceramics, called “siwaki”, is the most unique Polish ceramics with the oldest tradition. Interesting form and colour of “siwaki” cause that they will fit modern interiors, as well as traditional interiors. See inspirations prepared by an interior architect – Mrs. Magdalena Gackowska, the Cat Inside company’s founder – and find out how to take an advantage of siwaks in your house.

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Polish handicraft is famous for its originality all over the world. Many of our artists go to international exhibitions and disseminate such disciplines of Polish handicrafts as cuttings, embroidery or ceramics. My Poland was pleased to help in the development of an article on Polish handicrafts, which appeared in the Chinese magazine.

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