“Głos Mordoru” (“The Mordor Voice “) – an internal magazine of corporations based in the vicinity of Domaniewska street, published an interview with the founder of My Poland – Irena Bieguńska.

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Root weaving

Weaving is the only brand of folk craft that is not subject to regionalisation: it is present in every region of Poland (although it is quite rare in the mountain regions). Vessels woven with the roots of pine and juniper, typical of the Kashubian region, are so dense and tight that they can be used to carry water. Water jugs made of roots used to be firefighters’ buckets.

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Kashubian ceramics – X – generation tradition

Pottery is one of the earliest craft forms, and most closely connected with land. Potters were learning their art for a few years: they learnt to find the right type of clay, keep the proper temperature in the kiln, understand the effect of fire. Pottery was developing fast in Poland. Gradually, so called grey ceramics was giving way to glazed pottery. Kashubian pottery represents the latter type. In the past, pottery production was a common art, today there are few workshops preserving traditional regional methods of production. Read more

Kashubian embroidery – symbolism and history

Kashubian embroidery is inspired by the beauty of nature. Flower motives are the most characteristic: pansies, cornflower, blue-bells, carnations, lillies, forget-me-nots and roses. They are presented with unusual precision and attention to detail. Read more