See what beautiful and original handmade amber products we recommend for company and private gifts.

Amber was called the gold of the north. Already in ancient times its value was appreciated – amber was not only used to produce the jewelry, but also was believed to have a special healing properties. In order to acquire this precious and beautiful gemstone, long and dangerous expeditions to the far north were organized. It is thanks to these expeditions for amber that the so-called Amber Road was created, on which lay Poland – still known in the world for its high-quality amber products nowadays. Referring to these ancient traditions, the My Poland handicraft store has introduced a new offer – amber products.

Baltic amber

On the Amber Road

Baltic amber

Historical sources show that the first expeditions for amber were organized as early as in the 5th century BC. These early expeditions did not reach the Baltic Sea directly, Baltic amber was being sold by the Celts, who were brokers of this trade. We owe the development of the Amber Road, leading directly to the Baltic Sea, to the Romans. The first expeditions of the Romans for the Baltic amber are dated to the first century A.D., and the largest development of this gemstone trade falls on the third century A.D.

We do not know the exact course of the former Amber Road today. Based on historical sources and excavations, it can be estimated that it probably ran through today’s Kłodzko Valley, Silesia, Greater Poland and Kuyavia, leading further to the Baltic coast.

In ancient times, amber was obtained mainly from the sea or shallow deposits. The extraction of amber by mining methods developed from the 18th century. In the current administrative borders of Poland, over 750 places have been discovered, where Baltic amber was found or mined – this is the best proof of how popular amber mining and processing was in our country. To this day, Baltic amber is a highly valued and recognizable Polish product, and Poland is one of the largest exporters of amber products in the world.

amber – the gold of the north – working with it and coal, however, can be difficult

Precisely because of these centuries-old traditions related to the acquisition and processing of amber in Poland, the My Poland handicraft store has been looking for amber products that would enrich our offer for a long time. However, we did not want to present you with typical amber products that can be purchased in every store. We were looking for truly unique products with the character of original Polish handicrafts. We found such amber products in the small family factory of Ms. Edyta and Mr. Mikolaj (Nicolaus).

A gift for him

Cufflinks – amber, coal and silver

The My Poland handicraft store offers many beautiful products that are perfect as a gift for mom, a gift for a bachelorette party, a gift for a girlfriend, sister, wife – simply – a gift for a woman … Our products such as HER by Misztela jewelry , decorative lace collars, Lowicz embroidery – scarves and shawls, Kashubian embroidery – kitchen textiles or straw jewelry boxes are dedicated to ladies. We also offer more universal products, such as folk ceramics, Lowicz paper cutouts, and Kurpie cutouts – both for women and men. But apart from snuff boxes and pipes, we didn’t have products dedicated to men. That is why, from the amber products that our creators have proposed us, we have chosen, among others cufflinks.

High-quality cufflinks are an accessory that should not be missing in the wardrobe of any elegant man. They are useful for special occasions, such as weddings, holidays, baptisms, carnival balls, birthday, important business meeting, etc. Our cufflinks made of amber are a very elegant and original product – designer jewelry for men. They are distinguished by modern design and a unique combination of amber and hard coal. This is the original concept of our creators who have developed a special technique of combining coal with amber and preparing coal in such a way that it does not crumble or dirty and it shines fine. Thanks to the contrast of black coal and light amber, an interesting artistic effect was achieved. Due to the use of natural materials (amber, coal) and manual processing, each product is unique.

cufflinks - Baltic amber, hard coal, silver

cufflinks – Baltic amber, hard coal, silver

It is worth paying attention to the careful finish of the product. The cufflinks have a comfortable clasp, made of silver (925).

amber products - functional fastening of cuff links

amber products – functional fastening of cuff links

We pack them in an elegant box. At the customer’s request, we can make a personalized gift – e.g. with engraving.

Cufflinks packed in an elegant box
cufflinks packed in an elegant box

Baltic amber – recommended as a corporate gift

USB stick, bound in amber

While introducing the amber products offer, the My Poland handicraft store was looking for products that we could recommend not only to individuals or as a gift for a foreigner, but also as corporate gifts and protocol gifts. The USB sticks bound in amber, that we offer, are perfect for that use. We have two variants of this product:
USB stick bound in Baltic amber …

USB stick - binding is a natural Baltic amber

USB stick – binding is a natural Baltic amber

USB stick in binding imade of Baltic amber + closed

USB stick in a natural Baltic ambeer  after closing it

and a USB stick bound in amber and hard coal

USB stick - a natural Baltic amber and a hard coal

USB stick – a natural Baltic amber and a hard coal

The same decorative fabric can also be used as a carpet (although in this case we recommend placing it in a less frequented place so that the tapestry does not get damaged quickly)

closed USB stick - a natural Baltic amber and a hard coal

USB stick – a natural Baltic amber and a hard coal after closing it

In both cases, we took care not only of the design of the product, but also of its quality. We used 16 GB memory – a high-quality product of the Polish company Goodram.

Such a gift will surely please both women and men. We especially recommend these products as gifts for employees – e.g. on the occasion of the jubilee of professional work, promotion or retirement; corporate gifts for clients (especially foreign partners) and protocol gifts for important guests.

USB sticks framed in amber are also a great gift for individuals for important occasions – e.g. wedding, wedding jubilee, birthday, bachelorette party or stag party, etc. It is worth remembering that in this case you can use the practical side of this gift and upload photos and videos to the pendrive. That will further improve the quality of the gift and make it more personal. At the customer’s request, we can prepare a personalized gift – in this case you can change the memory capacity, choose the color of amber (as long as aesthetic considerations allow – the memory installed inside should not be visible through amber), adjust the packaging, attach a dedication, etc.

USB stick framed in amber and packed in an elegant box

Amber products for personalized gifts

Bookmarks decorated with amber

The last proposition from amber products offer, recommended by the My Poland handicraft store, are bookmarks decorated with amber. Bookmarks are made of ecological leather and are decorated with natural amber. Ecological leather gives you the option of engraving on it any pattern (text, symbol, logo, monogram). We can also choose the color of the bookmark. That’s why this product is especially recommended as a personalized gift – for both private people and companies.

bookmarks – a natural Baltic amber and ecological leather

bookmarks – a natural Baltic amber and ecological leather

Amber is attached to a chain, which allows you to conveniently place a bookmark in the book and to easily find the selected fragment.

bookmarks – a natural Baltic amber and ecological leather

bookmarks – a natural Baltic amber is put on a chain

As standard, we sell amber bookmarks in a sets, consisting of 2 bookmarks, packed in an elegant box. On individual order, we can prepare one bookmark or more bookmarks, packed in a box or not.

amber products - bookmarks, packed in an elegant box

amber products – bookmarks, packed in an elegant box

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