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Revue Économique wrote an article about the craft culture in Poland. As you know, it has a centuries-old tradition. The extraordinary richness of our products, which thanks to the diversity of regions and the penetration of many cultures, often gained interesting, original forms, unparalleled in other countries of this part of Europe, are an inspiration not only […]

Root weaving

Weaving is the only brand of folk craft that is not subject to regionalisation: it is present in every region of Poland (although it is quite rare in the mountain regions). Vessels woven with the roots of pine and juniper, typical of the Kashubian region, are so dense and tight that they can be used to carry […]

Kashubian ceramics – X – generation tradition

Pottery is one of the earliest craft forms, and most closely connected with land. Potters were learning their art for a few years: they learnt to find the right type of clay, keep the proper temperature in the kiln, understand the effect of fire. Pottery was developing fast in Poland. Gradually, so called grey ceramics was giving […]

Decorated eggs

Opole painted Easter egg, referred to as “kroszonka” in Polish is hand decorated with application of method based on hand-engraving of decorating motifs on previously one-coloured eggshell. Decorated eggs used to be an Easter gift, which expressed fondness, or even love.

Masters’ workshops

Our passion is visiting masters’ workshops. We are in one of the rare workshops of wooden household items. They are hand made in accordance with traditional, today rarely applied, technology – so called method of ”hollowing”, with usage of simply tools.


Polish handicraft is famous for its originality all over the world. Many of our artists go to international exhibitions and disseminate such disciplines of Polish handicrafts as cuttings, embroidery or ceramics. My Poland was pleased to help in the development of an article on Polish handicrafts, which appeared in the Chinese magazine.