Did you know that formerly in Polish tradition baptism layettes were not white, but colorful – blue or pink? Interesting? Find out more.

Does a baptism layette always has to be white? It turns out not. In the past, in Polish tradition, baptismal layettes were blue or pink, suited to the sex of the child and the tradition of the region. Our handicraft store, inspired by these traditions, introduced a new product to the offer – colorful crochet baptism dresses and colorful baptism accessories.

Baptism layette

Pink for a girl, blue for a boy or vice versa?

In modern times, especially in Mazovia and central Poland, traditionally pink is intended for girls (as more delicate, warm and “sweet”), and blue in cold tones – for boys. However, it turns out that the traditions of various regions of Poland, especially baptismal traditions, differ from each other. In some regions (e.g. in northern Poland), pink was assigned to boys (as associated with the clothes of Jesus, often in paintings in white and red), and blue – to girls (as identified with the Virgin Mary). For baptism, children were dressed in layettes traditionally designed for the given sex (perhaps also because the children were baptized very early, when it was difficult to recognize the sex of the child). It was only later that white baptismal clothes were introduced.

pink baptismal layette

Pink crochet baptismal dress

Inspired by these old baptismal traditions, we have introduced pink handmade crochet dresses for baptism to our offer. On request, we can also make a dress in a blue colour. A handmade crochet baptismal dress in pink is an interesting proposition for those parents who are looking for solutions that go beyond the currently standard white and refer to tradition.

pink baptismal dress

For baptism and other occasions

Such a colorful handmade crochet dress can serve not only as a baptismal layette, but it can be useful for a child much longer on other occasions such as birthdays, holidays, weddings …

The dress is very carefully made and beautifully decorated – with delicate flowers, with pearls inside that adorn the entire bottom of the dress and its top (on the left).

Crochet baptism dresses can easily be adjusted to the size of the baby, thanks to the ribbons that allow it . The ribbons are placed both on the top (on brest) and on the sleeves. They are made of satin, so they pose also an additional decorative element. The weave of the dress also allows its flexible fit.

We made sure that the dress did not irritate the delicate skin of the child. It is made of very soft yarn.

Handmade crochet schoes

Pink shoes handmade on crochet

A perfect complement to a child’s outfit – a handmade crochet baptism dress in pink – are pink crocheted shoes. We used the same decorative element – satin ribbons and flowers with pearls. Shoes have a standard length of 9 cm, on request we can prepare shoes in a different size or in blue. The ribbon allows them to be gently fitted to the child’s leg.

More new shoes made on crochet offered by our handicraft store

Our handicraft store – My Poland – has introduced more new products in the offer of handmade crochet shoes. The pink baptismal offer can be supplemented with 2 models of shoes with pink accessories:

  • shoes with a ribbon and a bow

  • shoes with pink yarn decorations – a pom-pom and raised stripes

shoes with pink yarn decorations a pom-pom

Both models of shoes will match both the pink and white dress. On request, we can introduce additional pink elements, referring to decorating elements of shoes, also in a white handmade crochet dress, .

Both shoe models are also suitable for boys. If in the baptismal tradition of a given region pink is attributed to boys, you can use ready-made products proposed by our handicraft store. On request, we can also make analogous crochet shoes with blue decorations.

Shoes with a pom-pom are also available in white. We recommend them for both boys and girls. This model is especially recommended for colder months – the shoes are heavily built-up and made of a dense weave, so they are warm and hold well on the child’s leg.

Shoes – souvenirs

All shoes offered by the My Poland handicraft store are made with extreme precision and are small works of art. That is why we recommend them not only as part of a child’s outfit, but also as a souvenir of baptism from godparents or guests. They can also be a beautiful gift for young parents or people expecting a child.

This year, we have also introduced to the offer special shoes – souvenirs prepared with the intention of being used only as a souvenir for baptism or as a wrapping for another gift given on the occasion of baptism (e.g. holy medal, cross, silver spoon). Shoes are tied with a ribbon, thanks to which a gift placed inside will definitely not fall out. We offer souvenir shoes in white – 2 pieces in a set. On request, we can make pink or blue shoes or a single shoe in the size indicated by you (however, we encourage you to keep the small size of shoes- then it refers to the baptism that was given to a small child).

Baptism accessories

Headband – for young ladies

The baptismal layette is completed with a crochet headband. You can use it at baptism, or buy it with the thought of continuing to use the handmade crochet baptism dress as a elegant dress for the child for various occasions.

The band consists of elements in the shape of simple flowers, connected by a ribbon. The front is decorated with a flower with pearls, the same as the decorative elements of the dress and shoes. The ribbon allows you to adjust the headband to the child’s head. If baptism takes place in the autumn and winter, when it is cold, the band can be put on the baby’s hat as an ornament.

Currently in our offer the headband is part of the baptismal set, but we can also make it as a separate element of the outfit on request.

Candle cover – it can also be pink

At baptism, a candle plays an important role. That is why we have a pink, made on crochet cover for candle in our set. This colorful cover beautifully blends with the white candle, is an interesting color accent and allows you to signal the sex of the child.

The cover can be also used on a bouquet of flowers for children or parents. It can also remain as a souvenir of this important event.

Candle covers are recommended not only for parents of a child, but also for godparents – especially godfathers (who traditionally buy a candle for baptism) and other guests.

Baptismal robe

Baptismal robe – traditionally white, with a colorful elements on request

The baptismal robe should traditionally remain white – during baptismal rites the priest tells to the child: “you receive a white robe …” Therefore, we decided to leave the traditional white robe in our pink baptismal set.

However, it is allowed to add a slight color accent to the robe – e.g. a colored ribbon or lace around the napkin. On request we can prepare for you such a baptismal robe. The garment can additionally be personalized with embroidery. We can embroidered a name, date, place of baptism or the dedication provided by you. We need at least 2 weeks to complete this order.

We hope that our handmade crochet baptism dresses and baptism accessories will interest you. We cordially invite you to visit our website with the baptismal offer  and we wish you that the baptism of your child would be a beautiful and unique

We hope that in this article you have found some interesting spring and holiday inspirations. We wish you successful preparations for Easter and the arrival of spring soon.