This year‘s Easter falls only in April, but it’s worth thinking about preparing interesting spring and Easter decorations just now.

Our handicraft store offers Easter eggs, traditional baskets made of a root of a pine , embroidered tablecloths, crochet products and many other Polish handicraft products that will be a beautiful home decoration or company gifts on the occasion of Easter.

Easter eggs

What distinguishes the Easter eggs offered by the My Poland handicraft store?

The My Poland handicraft store offers a very wide selection of Easter eggs. You will find here both traditional Easter eggs and modern Easter eggs. Each of them was made by hand, by a folk artist or a modern artist. They all refer to folk art, using traditional Polish handicraft designs.

For those who appreciate the classics, we recommend Easter eggs made on the shells of goose or chicken eggs. These traditional Easter eggs have, above all, a rich pattern, made on a colored shell by hand, without prior sketching.

For those of you who like to reach for more modern solutions, we recommend modern Easter eggs decorated with the docoupage technique. For Easter, we especially recommend Easter eggs decorated with a rooster motif (symbol of, among others, dawn and resurrection).

Company gifts – Easter sets

This year, our offer includes two new sets of Easter eggs.Easter eggs are made of polystyrene. They are distinguished by great fantasy and precision of workmanship. Thanks to the convenient stands on which the Easter eggs are placed, they can easily be put on a desk or cabinet. We recommend them not only to companies, but also to private individuals looking for small Easter gifts for their loved ones or simply an aesthetic decoration of the Easter table.

Lowicz set is decorated with the motif of a rooster and chanterelles, taken from the traditional Lowicz cutout designs. It is composed of 2 decorative, beautifully finished Easter eggs. In addition to folk cut-out elements, those Easter eggs are decorated also with light-green hay stuck at the bottom of the eggs. Three small eggs were glued to the side, thanks to which an interesting effect of the Easter egg – the nest – was achieved. We recommend this set especially to people who value the colorfulness of traditional folk art from Lowicz.

The Podhale set is decorated with a stylized “parzenica” motif ((geometric pattern characteristic for the Podhale art). This motif is new in our offer. On Easter eggs, it looks very effective and elegant. Easter eggs are decorated in an interesting way – the effect of an aged mirror was used in them. We recommend them especially to those of you who are fond of the mountains and Podhale handicrafts.

Products woven from pine root

Baskets not only for Easter

The Easter period is also associated with a tradition of blessing food . Traditionally, the Easter basket is prepared in a traditional woven baskets, in which dishes prepared for the festive table are put in – eggs, bread, sausage and basic spices – salt and pepper. Easter basket is decorated with Easter eggs and other adornments like small figurines of lambs and bunnies, green boxwood shoots, catkins, etc.

If you are looking for a traditional Easter basket, it is worth to visit our section of wickerworks made of a root. The My Poland handicraft store for Easter especially recommends traditional baskets woven from pine root.

They will be useful not only during Easter – they will also prove as a basket for a child, e.g. for mushrooming or to the market.

Root braid gives the possibility of forming many interesting shapes. We also recommend bread baskets that will look beautiful on the Easter table.

If you don’t find the product you need in our store, please get in touch with us. The My Poland handicrafts store also offers the possibility of preparing products according to the individual order.

Crochet products

Napkins decorated with crochet lace

This year, in our handicraft shop we are launching a new section – crochet products. You will find here, products like napkins and handkerchiefs made on crochet or decorated with delicate crochet laces.
We especially recommend the novelty – a white napkin for Easter basket, decorated with handmade crochet flowers and lace. The napkin will fit perfectly into the Easter basket. Thanks to the cutout in the center of the napkin, it can be easily placed in the basket and looks very nice.

The decorative ribbon is not only an ornamental element, but it allows you to attach a napkin to the basket handle.

The products from the new section will be available soon.

Kashubian embroidery

Embroidered tablecloths

Easter, like every major holiday, is above all a family gathering at the holiday table. Beautifully decorated table helps to create a warm, festive atmosphere. For Easter, we recommend embroidered tablecloths from our offer – especially the Kashubian embroidery, which is distinguished by rich floral motifs in vivid spring colors.

Kitchen textiles decorated with Kashubian embroidery

Kashubian embroidery is not only embroidered tablecloths, but also beautiful items for use in the kitchen. For every hostess who wants to look beautiful during the holidays, not only at the table, but also when working in the kitchen, we recommend our aprons and kitchen gloves decorated with Kashubian patterns.

Tea teapot warmers are also great – they will let your drinks stay warm for longer.

We hope that in this article you have found some interesting spring and holiday inspirations. We wish you successful preparations for Easter and the arrival of spring soon.