Easter inspirations

Easter, although short, brings much joy. How to decorate a home, how to perepare a traditional Easter Basket? Which products of Polish handicrafts are particularly recommended during this period?

Easter eggs – traditional Easter decorations

Opole Easter eggs – “kroszonki”

Easter in Polish culture is associated primarily with beautiful, intricate Easter eggs. The Opolskie Easter Eggs – so-called kroszonki are thy most valued  among experts. They are made by revealing a pattern on a previously colored egg shell. The pattern is made by hand without prior sketching. You can learn the perfect technique of the creator after the symmetry of the pattern. It takes even a few hours to prepare one of these Easter eggs.

“Kroszonki” are traditionally single-colored.

However, some creators also reach for more complex colorful composition.

Easter eggs decorated with decoupage technique

For those who prefer more modern solutions, we recommend Easter eggs decorated with decoupage technique. We especially recommend Easter eggs in intense, vibrant colors – green, yellow, blue, dark pink.

Some of the Easter eggs have an interesting attachment from raffia – thanks to which you can not only put them on the table, but also hang them.

It is also worth paying attention to Easter eggs decorated with a rooster motif. The rooster is quite often used in folk culture as a symbol associated with Easter. It refers to, among others for the resurrection and the victory of light.

Traditional Easter basket

Pine root weaving – Easter Basket

If you are preparing a traditional Easter Basket, we recommend our baskets weaved with the pine root. Among our proposals, you will find larger and smaller woven baskets – depending on how large Easter Basket  you want to prepare. Traditional Easter basket is packed with bread, sausage, eggs, pepper and salt. As it comes to decorations – usually Easter eggs and Easter lamb are used.

It is worth remembering that the technique of baskets  weaving is slowly disappearing in our lands. Pine root weaving is a very tedious and demanding activity. You have to collect and prepare the material yourself. Also, it takes a lot of time to weave. However, we must admit that the effects are exceptional.

We especially recommend our basket – cradle, which gives you the opportunity to create an interesting Easter composition.

Koniaków lace, Bobowa lace, Maków embroidery

Of course, if you plan to prepare a traditional Easter, you will need the beautiful white napkin.

We especially recommend intricately made Koniaków lace napkins . We recommend napkins made of white thread. Different sizes and shapes of napkins will definitely help you choose something suitable for your basket.

Also Bobowa lace tablecloths will prove themselves as an Easter basket decoration. Napkins are usually starchy – but if you want to put them in the basket, you can give up the starch after washing or give it a little less so that the napkin is more supple.

The Makow embroidery napkins are equally beautiful – with delicate, partially cut-out patterns. For Easter, we especially recommend white napkins decorated with white thread – an extremely elegant decoration.

A lamb made of hay – perfect for Easter Basket

One of the Easter symbols is also a lamb. In the Easter period, we especially recommend our hay lambs. Lambs not only look beautiful, but also smell of hay.

We also recommend our Easter set with a Easter egg and a hay lamb. The modern Easter egg decorated in the decoupage technique stands out for its beautiful, intense color, alluding to the Easter tradition.

Traditional Palm Sunday

Easter Palms made of tissue paper flowers

And if you would like to not only prepare a traditional Easter Basket, but also get to know better Polish customs associated with Easter, we invite you to visit one of the villages, where traditional processions with several meters long Easter palms are still organized. We especially recommend the procession in Łyse village. You can also visit Łowicz or Lipnica Murowana. In these places, contests for the most beautiful and the highest palm are still organized.

Traditional, several meters long Easter palms are decorated with hand-made flowers from tissue paper. Preparing such an Easter palm lasts for many months. Flowers need to be intricately combined. What counts is not only the length of the Easter palm, but also the ingenuity of decorations and composition.

The biggest challenge, however, is to place such a palm vertically – this work requires the participation of several people. We heartily recommend visiting one of these villages, while this beautiful custom is still cultivated. It is an unforgettable experience.

We hope you found some interesting inspirations in this article. We wish all our customers and friends a happy, full of warmth Easter.

My Poland team