You consider ideas for corporate gifts and gifts for Christmas? We recommend our handmade Polish Christmas balls.

The summer is over, the children have returned to school and, although winter is still far away it is a good time to consider ideas for corporate gifts and gifts for Christmas. We recommend our handmade Polish Christmas balls. This year’s offer of our handicrafts store includes both attractive Christmas sets and standing Christmass balls. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Sets of Christmas balls

Sets of Christmas balls – for corporate gifts & Christmas presents

For companies that are looking for interesting corporate gifts for their customers, business partners and employees, we recommend our sets of handmade Christmas balls. Our handicrafts store offers both ready sets and the possibility of preparing sets on a special order – you can choose the pattern and colors of Christmas balls then. Each set is wrapped in an attractive way. We can also add a description or greeting card.

In handmade Christmas balls, prepared by our creators, folk patterns dominate. In this Christmas ball a characteristic Lowicz pattern was used. It is worth paying attention to the careful finish of the Christmas balls. By referring to traditional folk patterns, Christmas balls recommended by our handicraft store will also be a great gift from Poland or a present for a representative of the Polish community abroad.

This set of sapphire Christmas balls is also an interesting proposition. The characteristic sapphire color make a beautiful contrasts with the decorating elements in the form of stylized red and green flowers.

Personalized gift

Christmas balls especially for your company or loved ones

If you want to personalize your corporate gift, at your request we can prepare Christmas balls which decoration would underline your company’s business profile or will be in line with your corporate identity. A good example is this Christmas ball, which we prepared as part of the tender for one of the Polish airport. The Christmas ball incorporates the company logo and an element of airplane.

A similar personalized gift can also be made for your loved ones – you can incorporate the name, date, short dedication or favorite theme of the person for whom you want to prepare a personalized gift.

If you are ordering a personalized gift, please submit a request in advance. All our products are made by hand, which requires time, and personalized gifts require prior approval of graphic solutions, which further extends the production process of personalized Christmas balls and other customized products.

Christmas ball on a stand

Corporate gift perfect to put on the desk – standing Christmas balls

To organizations with a slightly smaller budget for company gifts, we recommend our Christmas balls on a stand. Thanks to the interesting methods of attaching these Christmas balls and very careful workmanship, they will be a great Christmas gifts. Such a Christmas ball takes up little space and can be placed, e.g. on a desk, as a Christmas decoration. It will remind a person who receives it as a gift about your company.

We especially recommend these hand-made Christmas balls with a pattern inspired by the motifs of the Kurpie paper cut-out. The Christmas ball is decorated in subdued black and white colors. It will suit any type of interior – both traditional and modern. In such a corporate gift you can discreetly put your company logo (in monochrome) directly ot the ball or engave it on a stand.

It is worth paying attention to the aesthetic finish of the Christmas ball – the acrylic, transparent leg and the top of the ball blend in nicely with the black and white pattern, posing a discreet and aesthetic finish

Another suggestion for a corporate gift, a gift for a foreigner or for a loved one is this colorful Christmas ball on a metal stand. In this case, the creator also took care of a careful finish – each element is refined and very carefully made. A convenient stand allows you to put a bauble on a desk, bookshelf or on a Christmas table.

Christmas balls – aesthetic and safe gifts from Poland

By creating our Christmas balls, we made sure that they were aesthetic, but at the same time safe and easy to transport. Christmas balls are made of polystyrene – thanks to which they are unbreakable, they are light and can be transported even over long distances. You do not risk that a corporate gift prepared in this way or a gift for a foreigner or loved one whom you do not meet in person due to the distance separating you, will arrive damaged. We send our baubles all over the world and we guarantee that they will reach the addressee safely and will give him only pleasure.

Prestigious corporate gifts

Sets of the most beautiful Polish handicraft products

If you are looking for prestigious corporate gifts, we recommend the sets of the most beautiful Polish handicraft products from various regions of Poland offered by the My Poland handicraft store. We can propose ready sets or prepare a special set from the products indicated by you. An example would be the Pearl of the East set, in which you will find the most beautiful products from eastern Poland.

The My Poland handicraft store guarantees high standards of cooperation. Both companies and diplomatic missions benefit from our offer. We’ve worked together, among others with the Polish Embassy in Canada, the Polish Embassy in the United States, the Polish Embassy in Iceland, the Embassy of Austria in Poland, the Embassy of Ireland in Poland and the Permanent Representation of Poland to the OECD. Preparing corporate gifts with us, you can be sure that you will receive both high-quality products and professional service.

More ideas for company gifts can be found on the website of our handicraft store mypoland.com.pl in the sections Offer for companies https://mypoland.com.pl/en/12-business-offer and Offer for diplomacy https://mypoland.com.pl/en/content/37-protocol-presents We also encourage you to read the catalog in which we present our propositions of corporate gifts: http://mypoland.com.pl/katalog-online/katalog-en.html

Private individuals who are interested in our offer of Christmas balls, should visit our webpage: https://mypoland.com.pl/en/36-christmas-balls You will find more proposals for our handmade Christmas balls here.

Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to prepare special Christmas gifts for your clients and loved ones.