What to take as a gift for a foreigner, or what to recommend to foreigners as a souvenir from Poland?

Summer is the time of many foreign trips. Some of us leave, others will host family and friends from abroad. What to take with you on a journey as a gift for a foreigner, or what to recommend to foreigners visiting our country looking for gifts from Poland? The original and beautiful handicraft products that we recommend in our online handicraft shop will be just perfect.

Folk cutouts

Lowicz cutouts – beautiful and handy gifts from Poland

One of the folk forms of handicrafts most characteristic for Polish folk art are folk cutouts. In the My Poland handicraft online shop, we offer beautiful cutouts from Łowicz and Kurpie cutouts in the form of modern, attractive-looking wall decorations. We recommend smaller formats of folk cutouts to those of you who want to take gifts from Poland on the journey. Cutouts in frames of about 20 x 20 to 30 x 30 cm, protected with bubble-wrap and wrapped in a towel or clothing, can be easily carried in a suitcase and are not heavy.

Thanks to practical frames, most of our cutouts can be both hanged and put on a desk, cabinet, window sill… In addition, the frame gives the possibility of personalizing the product and placing a dedication or date on it.

Cutouts from Lowicz – joy of colors

Lowicz cutouts are the best known of all Polish cutouts. Their characteristic feature are intense, vivid colors. For people who like modern proposals, we especially recommend the Łowicz cutout in the shape of a circle, with plant elements – framed in a very original glass frame.

An interesting proposal with another, characteristic Łowicz pattern is a cutout with Lowicz cocks in an original navy blue frame

Kurpie cutouts

Elegant and simple gifts from Poland

For people who like simple, interesting forms, we recommend Kurpie cutouts, in which the shape of the cutout and a properly selected framing are the most important. This black and white cotout, symbolizing the tree of life will match any decor – especially for modern, color-coordinated interiors. It is a slightly larger composition – about 30 x 40 cm, but thanks to the folk pattern in the form of a tree of life, will be perfect as a souvenir from Poland for a family or newlyweds.

The high quality Kurpie cutout is distinguished primarily by the precision of the cutting. In the picture below you can see with what accuracy are cut out the individual elements of the folk pattern decorating this composition.

An interesting proposition for a gift from Poland is also this original Kurpie cutout. It is worth paying attention to the unusual double passepartout, which gives the cutout an interesting look. Thanks to the white and red colors, referring to the national colors of Poland, this cutout will be an ideal souvenir from Poland.

Kashubian ceramics

Mugs – practical and beautiful souvenirs from Poland

A good souvenir from Poland can also be an original cup made of folk ceramics. Mugs are one of the most popular gifts from Poland and other countries, you can take with you while you are travelling. In the offer of our original handicraft online shop you will find traditional pottery from Kashubian ceramics, which has a long tradition in Poland. We have a cup for everyone.

Mugs from Kashubian ceramics without ear are perfect for summer drinks.

Mugs with an ear, with a characteristic Kashubian folk pattern, are ideal for colder days for warm drinks.

And for men we have something more concrete – a solid mug of Kashubian ceramics:

Modern ceramic mugs with folk patterns – perfect for small gifts from Poland

For younger people who like more modern forms, we recommend mugs made of modern folk pottery as a souvenir from Poland. Such a cup can be easily transported in any luggage and will be useful to everyone.

In our offer we also have cheaper cups with various folk patterns. Such mugs will work perfectly if you need smaller souvenirs from Poland.

Lowicz dolls

Lowicz dolls – the most popular gifts from Poland, not only for children

A very popular souvenir from Poland are Lowicz dolls. If you are looking for a truly distinctive gift for a foreigner or representative of the Polish community, we recommend our Lowicz dolls from modern Lowicz ceramics.
As a decoration of a hanging shelf a sitting Lowicz doll will be perfect:

In our handicraft online shop you will find also standing dolls – “Lowiczek” …

and Lowiczanka – a doll – a bell

We hope that in this article we have inspired you to prepare interesting and valuable souvenirs from Poland for your guests or hosts. Soon we will publish a second part of the article with more ideas for perfect gifts from Poland. We wish all our customers and supporters of our handicraft shop a joyful summer holiday.