Wooden products handmade with a rare technique of hollowing – wooden bowls and household items – can be a beautiful home decoration or present.

The natural beauty of wood has always delighted people from different cultures, continents and environments. Wood was used in construction, of buildings , furniture, everyday tools, toys, musical instruments, artistic products, and even jewelry. Wooden products provide the interior with natural warmth, and the plasticity of this material allows for the creation of interesting, effective forms. My Poland – store offering original Polish handicrafts – invites you to read the article in which we will present interesting wooden products – wooden bowls and household items that can be a beautiful home decoration, but will also work as a gift for a woman, souvenirs from Poland or a gift for a foreigner.

wooden products

Wooden products – original handicraft

Wooden products made with a rare, traditional technique so-called “hollowing”

The My Poland handicraft store makes sure that the products we offer are real “gems” of Polish handicraft. Wooden products from our offer are an example of original and, unfortunately, today a very rare handicrafts. All the wooden bowls and spoons we present are made in a traditional technique so-called “hollowing”. This is the method of modeling wooden products from a single piece of wood by using fire and simple tools. The tree is cut down in winter and the process of its modeling starts as soon as it is possible – when the wood is soft and easy to deal with. Hollowing – cutting the shape of the vessel – is always made along the grain of the wood, using various types of axes. It is a tedious job, which is why today in Poland there aren’t many traditional workshops like the one of the master we work with. This is what his workshop looks like:

eorkshop of master making wooden products

this is how wooden products, offered by My Poland handicraft store, are made

Original Polish handicraft – how to check a product is handmade?

Thanks to 100% manual processing and the use of very simple tools, wooden products made using the “hollowing” technique have a very interesting texture. The dishes are not polished – traces of carving are clearly visible on them. Due to the fact that they are made of natural wood, the original grain pattern and natural color differences of some parts of the wood are also preserved. This shows that it is an original handicraft product.

handicrafted wooden products can be recognized by their texture with the preserved grain pattern and traces of carving

Wooden bowls

Wooden products – bowls – a variety of shapes and applications

Among the wooden products offered by our handicraft store, we especially recommend wooden bowls. This beautiful and original Polish handicraft delights above all with the richness of its forms. Various very interesting and original shapes come out of the hand of the artist we work with. Each bowl is 100% handmade, so no two bowls are completely the same.

For those who appreciate more traditional shapes, we recommend oval bowls. Especially now, at the turn of summer and autumn, when such a wealth of fresh vegetables and fruit is available in bazaars and shops, you can use these appetizing products and our wooden bowls to prepare an interesting decoration – for the kitchen or for the table in the room.

an oval alder bowl allows you to beautifully present the richness of fruit shapes and colors

vegetables in a wooden bowl

vegetables also look beautiful in wooden bowls

For those of you who are looking for more original and unique forms, we recommend oblong bowls. They will work especially on richly set or small tables, or on narrow cabinets – they will allow you to fully use the available space.

an oblong bowl made of aspen wood – an interesting form of the vessel draws attention, we recommend it as a gift for a woman

Such an oblong wooden bowl is an interesting way, for example, to serve fruit on the table. It will also look nice as a table or cupboard decoration.

an oblong wooden bowl with fruit inside – an interesting color composition

This wooden bowl, in turn, resembles a boat. On the sides, the edges are slightly raised, which makes the form more dynamic.

an interestingly shaped bowl made of light coloured wood – traditional Polish handicraft, a perfect gift for a foreigner

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that bowls made of natural wood have different colors – from very light – as in the photo above – to darker, with a slight shade of orange. It all depends on which tree the material was obtained from. However, keep in mind that as time goes on, any wood will darken – this is a natural oxidation process.

Another interesting proposal is a wooden bowl in a shape of a fish. The tail of the fish is also a useful handle, for which you can grab the bowl and conveniently pass it to another person sitting at the table. The My Poland handicraft store recommends this bowl especially for celebrations such as Christmas Eve, Easter, baptism and First Communion. The fish is a symbol of Christianity, therefore the fish shaped bowl will be an interesting accent, referring to the theme of the celebration. It will also look interesting on the table on other occasions – e.g. when the main course is fish.

wooden bowl in a shape of a fish, recommended by the My Poland handicraft store

Wooden kitchen utensils and wooden products sets

Wooden spoons, colanders – a kitchen decoration or a personalized gift – e.g. for a hen party or a gift for a foreigner

Traditional wooden products also include spoons, ladles and colanders. Although today in most households these products made of metal or plastic are used, we encourage you to return to traditional wooden cookware. We especially recommend them to people who value an ecological, natural and healthy lifestyle. It is worth remembering that wood has natural bactericidal properties. Properly maintained wooden kitchen utensils can not only be a beautiful decoration, but also have many practical functions. And when they are used up, they can be disposed of in a natural way, not harmful to the environment (e.g. incinerated). The My Poland handicraft store offers a wide selection of fully hand-made spoons, ladles and colanders, using a traditional, and very rare “hollowing” technique.

handicraft store - a set of wooden bowls, spoons, ladles, colanders, made with the traditional

handicraft store – a set of wooden bowls, spoons, ladles, colanders, made with the traditional “hollowing” technique

We recommend our wooden products not only as useful items for home or kitchen decor, but also as an idea for an interesting, small gift – e.g. for a hen party.

Traditionally, the future bride often received a rolling pin or a pan “for a naughty husband” as part of her “layette” at the hen party. We offer slightly less drastic tools – e.g. this aesthetically made colander with a comfortable handle that makes it easy to hang it in the kitchen. You can add a funny dedication to it – for example: “Remember that it is easier to pour water from one pot to the other with this spoon than to find a guy without defects – love him as he is” or “Remember that through the stomach to the heart – this little helper will be useful for you in the kitchen”.

Wooden spoons and ladles are also perfect as a gift for a foreigner. It can be personalized by adding the name of the country or city on the handle or by adding a dedication.

colander recommended for a personalized gift, e.g. for a hen party or a gift for a foreigner

colander recommended for a personalized gift, e.g. for a hen party or a gift for a foreigner

The My Poland handicraft shop can prepare a personalized gift from our wood products offer at your request. We can personalize a product of a selected shape, e.g. by increasing its size, engraving a name or date (e.g. on a spoon handle), adding a note with a dedication. Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to implement your idea for a personalized gift or wooden gifts from Poland.

Sets of wooden products recommended by the My Poland handicraft store as a gift for a foreigner or a gift for a woman

For those who are looking for a larger gift – e.g. for Christmas, a gift for a foreigner or a gift for a woman, we recommend sets prepared by our handicraft store containing various wooden products. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the ready-made sets available in our offer. Sample sets are presented below.

wooden products – a practical and beautiful set – a large bowl, two small wooden bowls, two spoons

original Polish handicraft – wooden products made using the “hollowing”technique – we recommend our sets as souvenirs from Poland and personalized gifts

On request, we can also prepare a personalized gift in the form of a set of wooden products. You can show us selected products from our offer that should be included in such a set.

It is worth noting that all sets are packed in elegant cardboard boxes. As a result, our customers receive aesthetically packed products, ready to be presented as gifts. Additionally, if they are intended as souvenirs from Poland for foreign friends or a gift for a foreigner, we can add cards in English or French to the sets, describing the product and the technique it was made or the region it comes from and emphasizing its values. Other language versions are also possible on request.

Wooden products – inspirations

Wooden products – interesting facts and inspiration

Finally, we have a few curiosities and inspirations for you. In the past, many utility items were made of wood. Certainly, this material was much more available and cheaper than today. In the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc mentioned by us in the previous article, we can see many examples of how useful wood and items made of it were in everyday life.

In this photo we can see the workaround – the fence is made of wood, as well as the construction of the well (crane), the well cover, the bucket and the manger for watering domestic animals.

Large vats for water, grain and other products were also made of wood (the same technique is used in the manufacturing of our wooden products).

Although today utensils such as wooden bowls and spoons are used more as decoration, or for serving fruit or salads, they were formerly used as everyday table settings. Soup, potatoes and other dishes were eaten with large wooden spoons – often from one bowl placed in the center of the table. At the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc, we managed to find such an interesting and practical element of interior design – above the large table in the room there was a special shelf with holes in which wooden spoons were hung. Thanks to this, each person sitting at the table could reach for a spoon before a meal. A practical and ingenious solution.

It’s time to come back to modern times – here are examples of visualizations prepared by the My Poland handicraft store, showing how traditional wooden handicraft products can be beautifully integrated into modern interiors.

wooden bowl on a shelf

wooden bowl on a glass table

We cordially encourage you to find a place for beautiful and natural wooden products in your homes. My Poland – a shop offering traditional Polish handicrafts – invites you to visit the section of wooden household itemss  – everyone will find something suitabe here.