Collar is a luxury product…

It plays a role of an elegant accessory, but if we tame it, a collar will suit perfectly well popular, simple clothes. A collar is tiptop for a big event as well as for a walk.

Ozdobne kołnierzyki - My Poland

Who is going to the office on Friday? Casual Friday? – we can indulge ourselves in more nonchalance! A rock flash of leather, though, should be broken with a polite white shirt and…of course with the elegant silk stand-up collar. We’re elegant, so unexpected Friday corporate meetings are not scary. In the air, though, we feel Friday night fever.

A cappuccino collar (embroidered lace)

Ozdobne kołnierzyki - My Poland

In the chocolate styling the collar plays a role of an artful necklace and exposes refined cleavage. But this effect is achieved not in an intrusive way. The collar subtly accompanies the texture, shine or the lace, which is just aside.

A white collar (embroidered lace)

Ozdobne kołnierzyki - My Poland

Who said jeans and a T-shirt it’s a bad idea for a lace masterpiece? Energetic seasonal colours will definitely help us to accentuate the beauty of our collar accessory. A substantive colour base and few elements in the tint of the collar will be enough to tame it in the every-day styling. Such a composition is ideal for meeting with friends or for a walk.

Check out our collection of collars prepared in cooperation with the fashion designer: Joanna Misztela!

STYLING and TEXT: Joanna Misztela – fashion designer, founder of „Misztela Studio Projektowe”, blogger. Lecturer in fashion designing. In her everyday work she successfully combines commercial designing with a new trend designing for her authorial collections. She designs popular collections for companies, theatre costumes, as well as she is the author of numerous projects for individual Customers.

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HAIR STYLE: Bartek Wojtasiński,

MAKEUP: Aleksandra Matyszewska

PHOTO: Dorota Kozłowska

MODEL: Izabela Supera