Handicraft from Łowicz is the most recognizable Polish handicraft.

It is particularly appreciated by foreign connoisseurs of folk art. We encourage you to rediscover its value and look for inspiration how this beautiful and well-known Polish handicraft can revive and cheer up your everyday life.

Embroidery – the everyday ornament

Embroidery is a well-known branch of Lowicz handicraft. Traditionally, it was made with colorful threads on black velvet. The most characteristic Lowicz embroidery’s patterns are the bouquets of stylized flowers. The most common motive is a rose, but pansies and other flowers are often used as well.

Lowicz embroidery adorns not only tablecloths. It is typical of the region to put embroidery on objects of everyday use: handkerchiefs, belts or bags. Jewellery decorated with Lowicz embroidery is also popular.

Our creators eagerly combine traditional designs with new ideas. Our scarves and shawls, in which the embroidery is presented on a colored background, can pose an example of such modern solutions.

Lowicz cutouts – the mastery of colors

The Lowicz cutouts are particularly worth noticing. They are created by sticking layers of subsequent elements. Not only the shape, but also the color, plays a very important role here. The Lowicz cutout is a composition that uses 5, 7, and sometimes even 10 colors. The so-called “gwiozdy” – symmetrical compositions, filled with floral motives are the most popular.

Paper cutouts developed in mid-19th century, mainly in central and eastern Poland, and were one of the most important forms of house decoration. Deriving from this tradition, My Poland offers you a return to this basic decorative cutouts function. A properly framed and composed cutout, can be a beautiful interior decoration also nowadays – both in traditional and modern interiors. You can find some examples below.

The most popular gift from Poland

Do you know what is the most popular souvenir from Poland? The traditional Lowicz dolls. They are usually made, like most toys, of plastic, but what distinguishes them are the beautiful folk costumes, referring to the traditional Lowicz outfit.
My Poland offers a more modern version of this popular gift from Poland – ceramic Lowicz dolls. Their costumes also refer to the traditional Lowicz outfit, with its characteristic striped pattern – an element of colorful stripes that adorns both women’s skirts and men’s trousers.

Our Lowicz dolls in the form of bells are also very popular. We made a set of such dolls for a Polish-Italian wedding as a souvenir for guests. The colors of their outfits referred to the national colors of Poland and Italy.

Modern Lowicz ceramics

Although traditionally ceramics is not a characteristic field of Lowicz handicraft, contemporary artists, inspired by the tradition of Łowicz, also reach for this form of expression. Beautiful colorful plates, using characteristic folk motifs, such as roosters and flowers, will be an original decoration of each table.

We also recommend our hand-made breakfast sets. Particularly noteworthy are the prestigious sets of dishes – engraved and enameled. It is an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It takes about 2 weeks to make one such set.

Equally beautiful, although slightly less laborouse, are hand-painted sets decorated with flower motives typical of folk art from Lowicz.

Handicraft from Lowicz enchants, above all, with the richness of colors. In every field of this art, color plays a key role. That is why we especially recommend this handicraft to all who want to revive, lighten and add the expression to the interior design or the outfit.