We cooperate with folk artists who are recognized as the authorities on the subject – they are masters in different handicraft specialties, such as embroidery, lace work and ceramics. The majority have the status of “licensed folk artist” given by the Polish Folk Arts Society referred to as Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ludowych (STL) in Polish. The Polish Folk Arts Society is one of the most opinion-forming organizations in the field of folk art in Poland. This organization assesses i.a. conformity to regional tradition, artistic standard of pieces of work and artistic achievements of the author. We reach out also to artists who are not part of the Polish Folk Arts Society, but who are recognized as authorities on the subject and who took a part in competitions and were rewarded and recognized many times. The fact that pieces of work created by some of these artists were bought by Polish museums presenting national folk art shows high quality and novelty of such handicrafts.