Do you know what to buy for Christmas presents? What about personalized gifts?

Christmas and New Year are approaching. The madness of buying presents has already begun. Black Friday is behind us, time for intense Christmas preparation is still ahead. What gift to give to your loved ones to bring them joy? In the era of mass consumption, personalized gifts are gaining more and more popularity. In our article you will find some inspirations regarding the possibility of preparing a personalized gift from My Poland’s offer.

Personalized gift – what is it?

Personalized gift – definition

Personalized gifts are, as the name suggests, gifts that have been personalized. According to the definition “personalize” means to give an individual character or assign to a given person.

The most perfect form of a personalized gift is of course a gift made by your hand. However, few people have the time and the right capacity to prepare such a gift, which is why the offers of gifts that can be personalized, appearing on the market, are becoming more and more popular. Such presents can be personalized by:

  • use of your own photo (on cups, T-shirts, calendars, etc.)
  • entering the name of the recipient (often immediately on the product – eg a mug is already signed with a name)
  • engraving with dedication
  • the possibility of customizing the product, for example, by selecting the colors of individual elements (such a possibility is given by, for example, some shoe manufacturers – you can adjust the color of selected elements and ask for the production of such shoes).


How do we personalize products in My Poland?

In our online shop with handicrafts – My Poland, we offer similar options for personalizing the product – e.g. by:

  • choice of pattern / decoration on embroidered tablecloth or serviette, on embroidered scarves from Łowicz, decorative fabric, folk pottery, products made of lace and Christmass balls,
  • making a product in a color chosen by the client – we have such a possibility in Lowicz and Kashubian paper cut-outs, Polish embroidery – particularly Kashubian and Lowicz embroidery, folk toys, Lowicz ceramics, Christmas balls,
  • adding short dedication – we can include it, for example, in embroidered tablecloths and napkins, baptism accessories, folk cutouts, decorative fabric.

Handicraft products, however, offer even more customization options. Why?

Handicrafts webstore – a chance for a truly unique personalized gift

Why is there a greater possibility of personalizing the product in the handicraft shop?

Because our products are 100% handmade and each of them can be fully adapted to your needs – the only limit is the technique of making the product. Below you will find a few examples of personalized gifts made specially to the order of our clients.


Grey pottery mug made according to the pattern sent by customer

We made this mug based on the design sent by the customer. We adjusted it one hundred percent to his needs – both in terms of shape and dimensions. The customer also chose the technique of execution. If you have artistic skills and you are looking for a company that will help you realize your idea for a personalized gift, we invite you to cooperate with My Poland.
The only limitation for us is your imagination and … copyrights of other people and companies. We do not make copies of copyrighted products.


Koniaków lace – a gift idea

We have made this “painting” at the request of an interior architect. The Koniakow lace servitte, which makes its center, was used in an unusual way – not as a table decoration, but as a wall decoration. Thanks to the presentation of a white pattern on a dark graphite background and framing the image in a black lacquered frame, we achieved a contrast effect. The lace is a decoration of a modern interior, designed in black and white colours. The lace is big – 60 cm in diameter.

MyPoland_Koronka w oprawie_4

An image from a lace or a folk cut-out is an interesting idea for a Christmas present. For the client’s needs, we can match both the design and color of the lace or cut-out, and the framing. An additional element that can be used to personalize is an elegant plate with engraved dedication, date or information about the commemorated event, that we can add to the frame.

Personalize not only the gift, but the event itself

Embroidered tablecloths and napkins as well as small gifts for guests

Important occasions such as holidays, baptisms, weddings are not only the time of giving presents, but also, and perhaps above all, the opportunity to meet with your loved ones. The well-being of your guests is influenced not only by the gifts they have received, tailored to their needs. The very atmosphere of the event can also make your guests feel that the ceremony is prepared from the heart, especially for them.
An important element is the table decoration. At events that gather a large number of people it is sometimes difficult to find a large tablecloth. Combined tablecloths look unsightly. No matter how large the table you want to cover is, in My Poland you can order a tailor made tablecloth. The largest one, which we have sewn and decorated with embroidery so far, was about 5 m long.


The set is supplemented with napkins – you can order any number of them. Both tablecloth and napkins can be personalized with a monogram, a family coat of arms, and at the customer’s request – also guest first names (if the family grows in the future, it’s not a problem – we can make more napkins with the same decoration and new names). Before Christmas, we especially recommend sets decorated with Makow embroidery – in white color – in accordance with the Polish Christmas Eve tradition.


We can also prepare small gifts for guests. We especially recommend dolls and angels from the original modern Łowicz pottery (guest names, date of meeting, dedication or a short thank you for participating in the ceremony can be scratched with a stylus inside the figurine).


For Christmas and baptism, we also recommend angels made on crochet, to which you can attach a thank you ticket.


We hope that in our article you have found some inspirations for unique gifts and organizations of even more family-friendly and full joy Christmas.
More ideas on personalizing products can be found on our store’s website.
We wish all our clients, colleagues and supporters warm and full of love Christmas and all the prosperity in the new year.