Finding people practicing forgotten professions is our passion. Many of these people are older persons. Their craft will pass away with them because their handicraft professions are time-consuming and labour-intensive and therefore, they cannot find young persons willing to continue their work. This group of “old-fashioned professionals” includes, among others, wickerworkers, weavers, laceworkers and potters manufacturing grey ceramics, which is referred to as “siwaki” in Polish. Their work we present in the section: Most beautiful products. We would like to present also their workshop.

Let’s begin with Laces from Bobowa – the Pearl of South Region. Bobowa is one of the most important lace centers in Poland, where laces are manufactured since XIX century and where lace traditions are cultivated up to this day.

Kashub Embroidery – the Pearl of North Region. We talk about the technic and history of this embroidery with Józefa Sitarz – the master of Kashun Embroidery

Grey ceramics – is the most unique pottery and has the oldest traditions in Poland. Grey pots – in other words dishes manufactured with the use of that technique – appeared on the Polish soil already in the ancient times. See how it is done