Weaving is the only brand of folk craft that is not subject to regionalisation: it is present in every region of Poland (although it is quite rare in the mountain regions). Vessels woven with the roots of pine and juniper, typical of the Kashubian region, are so dense and tight that they can be used to carry water. Water jugs made of roots used to be firefighters’ buckets.

Weaving objects with roots is a dying profession. Today in the Kashubian region there remain only a few craftsmen skilled in this art. Most time consuming part of root weaving is material preparation. It takes about 75 percent of the time. Weaving itself takes only 25 percent.

Weaving traditions in the Kashubian region date back to Middle Ages. Root weaving is exceptionally interesting form, characteristic of this region. Roots of pine, spruce and juniper are used in this type of weaving.


You have to know how and where to find the right roots and recover them. Sometimes roots have up to several meters of length. It is important to use the obtained material quickly: when dried, roots are likely to break and may change colour.


Root weaving is difficult, requires a lot of patience and imagination. According to sources, in the past the weaved objects were so tightly made that the method was used to produce water buckets. Originally, the weaved objects were used in everyday life, today they are real works of art that have not, however, lost their utilitarian values.

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