We created this section because we wanted to show you Poland from the other point of view. Often we actually do not know Poland, even if we live here since birth. We have only just learned about the existence of many places during our wandering in order to search for products and suppliers for My Poland.

Wdzydze Kiszewskie – heritage park

Wdzydze Kiszewskie is the one of tourist attractions of the Szlak Kaszubski tourist track. This village is famous for its open-air heritage park – referred to as Kaszubski Park Etnograficzny in Polish, the oldest heritage park in Poland. You can observe here how villages being a part of Kashubia and Kociewie regions looked formerly. The best time for visiting Wdzydze is the third weekend of July. In these days you can participate in the fair referred to as Jarmark Wdzydzki. This fair is organized here for a several dozen of years and it is the biggest summer folkloristic event in Kashubia – it includes folk bands’ shows, presentations of forgotten professions and crafts and handicrafts fair

Zalipie – painted village

Zalipie, a small village situated in the South of Poland, called the “painted village”. Everyone who comes here surely will feel like he moved to fairyland. In the case of some farms, every kind of propriety – house, farmsteads, stables, cellars, wells and even kennels – are decorated with the most beautiful floral decorative motifs. The best time for visiting Zalipie is the first Sunday after the Corpus Christi – this is the final day of the annual arbitration competition for the most beautiful “painted cottage”. This competition is organized by the Ethnographic Museum, branch of the Regional Museum in Tarnow.

SŁONIM – the atmosphere of Kresy

Why do we present in My Poland not only traditional Polish handicraft, but also traditions of national minorities? We notice and appreciate multiculturalism in Poland which originates from our tradition and history. Let us give a word to the founder of My Poland – Irena, who will describe a small borderland city – a city of her childhood:

“…..Slonim – the town of my childhood, part of Kresy – former Eastern Borderlands of Poland, now part of Belarus. Since the earliest times Slonim gave a warm welcome to and assimilated people of many nationalities, religions, cultures and traditions. Each one of them exerted an influence on history and atmosphere of this town. Here Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews and Tartars live, work and celebrate side by side, creating multicoloured and unique climate of this place….”


Visiting Warsaw it is easy to miss its genuine atmosphere and to do not understand this city. In our opinion Warsaw’s diversity and coexistence of many contradictory sceneries – post-communist ”Molochs”, pearls of old-time architecture and modern skyscrapers – show exceptional character of this city. These photos were taken downtown.