The entrance hall – how to decorate it?

przedpokoj ozdobiony wycinanka lowicka

We all know what is the power of first impression. In the apartment the first impression you got from the first room you enter – the entrance hall. It is a pity, the entrance hall  is often underestimated. In my opinion it is impossible to overestimate the importance of this place.

When we take care to welcome our guests with the spacious interior, bright and cheerful, the pleasure of staying at our home will accompany them from the very first moment. We can achieve such an effect by putting strong colorful decorative accents in the hallway.

Lowicz cutouts perfectly fit into this trend. You can create a colorful mosaic with a few smaller cutouts, or draw the attention using a large color pattern. The intensive Lowicz pattern is particularly well suited to modern and ascetic interiors. One strong color accent is enough to achieve a unique style.


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Inspirations prepared by Anna Biernat, Proste Kąty (Simple Angles):