Irena Bieguńska w PolsceMy name is Irena. I’m the founder of My Poland. This is a place, where you will find the most beautiful Polish products, but also learn their history, symbolism and associated tradition. My Poland grew out of my passions, experiences and my enchantment with traditional Polish handicrafts, which can beautifully decorate modern interiors.

The way I perceive the world and Poland, which I would like to picture in your mind, is shaped by my history. Since I was a child, I have been living at the contact point of two worlds. As a child, I spent my summer holidays in the former Eastern Borderlands of Poland, referred to as Kresy in Polish – now part of Belarus. There, I lived in a little town named Slonim that seemed to be caught in a time warp and where Poles, Belarusians, Tartars, Jews and people from other nations lived side by side. Their cultures and customs combined and blended. My other contact point is the city in which I live, Warsaw, the capital of Poland. As a teenager growing up in Warsaw, I observed an extreme breakthrough, which was the collapse of communism and Poland’s transition from communism to capitalism, followed by dynamic changes spreading throughout the City and the whole country.

After graduating from the University of Warsaw, I studied in the United States.

I have a Polish soul, but simultaneously, owing to my dual citizenship – Polish and American, I consider myself a “citizen of the world”. I am a modern person, but I am also in a position to appreciate a tradition, a culture and an art deep–rooted in the past. I am thoroughly imbued with the atmosphere of the environments which formed my personality when I was a child and a young person, and I took the best from them.

Irena Bieguńska

In my opinion, Poland has many faces – that is why in my company, I also present offers of national minorities, in addition to typical Polish handicrafts. No one can fully understand Poland and its culture without the experience of the art of Poland’s national minorities.

My Poland is the website, but also the online store.  On the website you will find lot of highlights on Polish handicraft. If you are intereseted in some of handicraft presented on our website, you can safely buy it in our online store. We guarantee the originality of our products, we assure worlwide delivery and return in 30 days in case our product does not meet your expectations.