My Poland was born in the spur of the moment, when I was walking around the Old Town in Warsaw. I observed tourists searching for souvenirs. I am a traveler by nature and therefore I try to bring from every excursion something that recalls good memories and at the same time is beautiful and useful. I began to think, what could I bring from Poland? I realized that despite the fact that we can find many interesting, unique and beautiful products in Poland, there are so few places where such products are well presented. I decided to create such a place – a place where it is possible not only to find the most beautiful Polish products, but also to learn their history, symbolism and tradition. I would like this place to serve not only foreign tourists, but also Poles who want to discover our native tradition anew and who are searching for beautiful hand-made products that fit modern interiors. In this way, My Poland came into being. We are a group of people fascinated by Polish traditions and this passion we would like to share with others. We invite you to our website and online store.