How to use them in modern interiors and are they still fashionable? See how traditional handicrafts can enliven your home.

Handmade crochet tablecloths and serviettes are often associated with the homes of our grandmothers, who had a lot of accessories made by hand on crochet. Are such products still fashionable? Can they only be used in the interiors stylized as old-fashioned? Or can they also fit to the modern designe?

koniakow lace

Koniakow lace – tradition

Handmade crochet tablecloths – Koniaków lace

Handmade crochet tablecloths give a lot of possibilities to adapt their pattern, color and shape to the needs of the user. The most famous form of this art in Poland and in the world are Koniaków laces.

The advantage of crochet tablecloths is that they have the nature of lace. Thanks to this, unlike fabric tablecloths, it doesn’t cover the entire furniture, but allows you to underline its texture and shape, giving you many options for an interesting arrangement.

Antiques, stylized furniture and handmade crochet tablecloths – the perfect combination

Due to the advantages described above, crochet serviettes, handmade crochet tablecloths and Koniakow laces in various shapes are the perfect choice for interiors decorated with antiques or furniture stylized for olden times.

This arrangement using a chaise lounge, table and stylized lamp is a perfect example. Traditional Koniakow lace in beige or white, standing out from the bankground of the table’s dark wood , fits perfectly with this composition.

Also on this dresser in a classic style rectangular serviette made on crochet allows you to get an interesting effect. A massive, wooden piece of furniture gains lightness and delicacy by adding a handmade crochet lace. The floral motifs used in the Koniaków lace pattern match the carving of the top of the dresser, which is also depicting a delicate floral motifs.

Koniakow lace – modernity

Koniakow laces and crochet serviettes – also in modern interiors

Thanks to their delicacy and openwork character, Koniakow laces and serviettes as well as hand-made crochet tablecloths will prove themselves not only in interiors stylized for an old era, but also in very modern homes. If you use modern furniture made of natural wood, or other interesting materials, such as concrete, dark glass or stone, you can use a handmade lace or handmade crochet tablecloth to underline these materials while at the same time giving the interior more warmth. A particularly interesting effect can be acheived by contrast between raw, cold material and delicate lace.

In this arrangement, the Koniaków lace tablecloth was placed on a dark glass. Thanks to the dark color and gloss of the glass, every element of the intricate pattern of Koniakow lace can be seen, which emphasizes the artistry of its implementation.

koniakow lace

If in your home you have simple furniture not made of precious or interesting materials and you want to cover them rather than display them, you can also get an interesting effect by placing handmade crochet tablecloths and Koniakow lace on another material, preferably in contrasting color.

Koniakow laces – an interesting wall decoration

In modern interiors, we also recommend Koniakow lace in the form of paintings, used as a wall decoration. The form itself, which breaks the traditional use of hand-made crochet tablecloths and serviettes, is interesting and allows a modern interpretation of this handicraft. Additionally, modern and interesting arrangement effects can be obtained thanks to the use of materials such as glass and metal.

An example of the use of lace in a modernly furnished house is this corridor. Modern, white and gray interior, a suspended ceiling with LED lighting, and 2 handmade crochet serviettes framed in a dark glass and black wood on the wall. Together, it creates a very interesting, decorative effect, and at the same time gives this quite raw interior a home warmth.

Other crochet products

White, beige or colorful?

Traditionally, handmade crochet serviettes and tablecloths and products from Koniaków lace are white or beige. According to tradition, most of the products offered in our store are kept in this color. An example is the novelty in our offer – a set of 6 hand-made crochet serviettes with a diameter of about 15 cm.

crochet product

However, nothing prevents you to make crochet products also with threads of a different color. Colorful threads are often used in crochet handicrafts from various regions of Poland, made by housewives, such as tablecloths, serviettes and decorative pillowcases. We are happy to make such products on request.

As you can see, the way you will use handmade crochet tablecloths, crochet serviettes and Koniakow lace in your home and whether they will match the style of your interior depends a lot on your fantasy.

The My Poland handicrafts store is open for individual orders tailored to your needs. If you do not find a product in our store that meets your requirements, write to us at: mypoland@mypoland.com.pl We would be happy to help you implement your ideas for an interesting interior arrangement using crochet handicrafts.